Places in Peru

I have been to many places in Peru and the holy Spirit continues to teach me in each new place things in a way like only He knows how to teach, so precise, so deliberate..........................................

My trip to Cococho in 2005, a small village high up in the northern mountains of Peru,
  The Lord had spoke to my heart about making the trip for a pastor's conference, I had a vision of a special dance that I felt the oLord has impressed upon me to do
 2005 dance in Cococho, Peru 
   The trip was a very rough one , squeezed into a truck with too many people in it , my legs for 10 hours bent and pushed together without moving. I was recovering from a bad case of the flue on top of it. Needless to say, I spent the first day in Cococho in bed. I was to dance the second day so thankfully I had time to rest. That first day became a good one for prayer
   While passing on one side of a mountain on my way to Cococho, looking over another mountain side, the side was shining on that side with a misty look....I could see an animal shape like formed in the mountain, the type of the sphinx laying on it's belly with its head looking forward, this was  looking straight ahead from where it was laying ,looking behind me to one side at another mountain, I could see eyes piercing. It did not notice me but  was intently looking and concentrating on  something on the mountain behind me. No one else in the truck was looking in the same direction as I was, everyone was concentrating on looking forward as if their concentration could of helped the driver. The ride was a very careful one, so as to not fall off the side of the mountain and on a very muddy narrow road.

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